BIG DAISHOWA High Performance Tooling Solutions Vol 2


ATC ALIGNMENT TOOL Misalignment of the center between the machine tool spindle and ATC gripper may cause damage to the spindle taper. A clamped tool holder under misalignment leads to increased runout, resulting in shorter life of machine tools and tool holders. The ATC Alignment Tool can also be used for re-aligning the ATC gripper and tool magazine pots. HOW TO USE 1. Load the AL Shank in the machine spindle and mount the AL Flange on the ATC arm. 2. Insert the AL Plug into the AL Flange. 3. Rotate the AL Plug and read the highest and lowest values of the dial indicator. This direction is the eccentric direction. Half of the gap of the values is the eccentric amount. 4. Adjust the position of the ATC arm so that the front end of the AL Plug will be inserted into the AL Flange fully.

AL Shank In Machine Tool Spindle

AL Flange In ATC Arm

Dial Indicator Stylus

AL Plug

Provided with ATC Alignment Tool & Plastic Storage Case

DYNA CONTACT A ceramic taper gage allowing inspection of machine spindle tapers at a glance. • Made of ceramic • Clearly shows Prussian blue • Scratch resistance • Rustproof • Non-magnetizing • No aging deterioration • 10x the wear resistance of steel • Same linear expansion coefficient as steel

TAPER ANGLE: 8º 17' 50" ±1"

Provided with an Aluminum Case


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