BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


Chamfering Tool HOLE DIAMETER: ø.200"-4.000" Wide chamfering range reduces number of tools and ATC.

Universal Type

Chamfering Angle Can Be Easily Adjusted By 5º To 85º (Universal Type) The cartridge swings when the angle adjuster is turned.

ST Shank

CK Shank

Cartridge Angle Adjuster


C-CENTERING CUTTER A multifunction cutter capable of both spot drilling and chamfering. Negative insert tip shape dramatically improves the life

3 Insert

Capable of Both Spot Drilling and Chamfering



Prevents Chipping During Spot Drilling As the nose radius on the insert forms negative land, it has high chipping resistance, and the tool life is significantly extended.

Immediate Evacuation of Chips with Coolant Supply By providing coolant holes, it is possible to cool the cutting edge and immediately discharge the chips.

Negative Land


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