BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


SERIES 336 INSERT DRILL • Large, helical flutes reinforced at the edges provide highest strength and chip space • Through the tool coolant, directed on both sides at the cutting edges to guarantee optimum cooling and chip evacuation •Case hardened steel construction for maximum rigidity and toughnes CKB6 AND CKB7 CONNECTION PROVIDES: •Highest stability by clamping the drill to the shank both axially and radially at the largest seating diameter • Lowest amount of drill runout •Minimum gauge lengths • Versatile CKB6 connection for all diameters 3/4" to 2-1/2" allows more flexibility on smaller machines •Widest range of shanks and coolant inducers

CARBIDE INSERTS: • ISO standard WCMX inserts for both inside and outside cutting edges provide 3 indexes •Positive cutting geometry for reduced cutting forces •Different grades optimize cutting conditions

INSERT DRILL SIZES: •CKB6 connection, ø3/4" to ø2-1/2" and ø31mm to ø61mm •CKB7 connection, ø2-5/8" to ø2-7/8"

INSERT DRILL LENGTHS: • 2xD and 3xD for all sizes



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