BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


DYNA LINE Precision Measuring of Tool Diameter and Runout Accuracy Non-contact tool measuring equipment which uses a CMOS linear image sensor. It eliminates machining defects by measuring total runout accuracy at high rotation speeds. Also usable as a maintenance/evaluation tool for runout accuracy of a machine spindle. •Non-contact measuring with CMOS linear image sensor • In-machine measuring •Portable (usable with 6 C-Cell batteries)

The Innovative Linear Image Measuring Method CMOS sensors are often found in hi-tech equipment such as fax machines and banknote counters. With pixels measuring 1.4μm, Dyna Line uses the latest CMOS sensors for quick and precise measuring.



Provided with a protective case

Over 10μm

1.4μm pixels

Measurement at High Rotation Speeds up to 1,300 SFM •No potential of damage to delicate tools •Measurement range: ø.004"-ø2.000" (ø.1-50mm) • Indicated resolution: 1μm

•Can run on 6 C-Cell batteries •Able to measure tools with an odd number of teeth

Three Measurement Modes Depending on Type of Tool

d ” Ø4 Cutting tool with less than ø4mm

Max. 1,300 SFM Simultaneously measures the tool diameter and runout accuracy of even-numbered flutes at processing rotation speed. Please refer to Pg. 609 for tools with an odd number of flutes.

Center of Sensor

Tool Diameter



Tool Diameter with Runout Accuracy

d > Ø4 Cutting tool with more than ø4mm

Max. 1,300 SFM The machine spindle is offset the radius amount for tools lager than the detection range (4.2mm), and the edge of the tool is measured from the center of the sensor. Please refer to Pg. 609 for tools with an odd number of flutes. Ex. — ø6mm End Mill Spindle Offset: 3mm


Center of Sensor

Displayed Measurement Result: +.002mm Diameter Includes the Runout of the Rotation: (3 + .002mm) x 2 = 6.004mm

Measuring Radius


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