How to Change the EWE Boring Head Display Units

HOW TO CHANGE THE EWE BORING HEAD DISPLAY UNITS Change the Display Units from Metric to Inch and Vice Versa with the BIG KAISER App

STEP 1 Download the BIG KAISER App • The app is available for free download on IOS and Android devices. • If there’s trouble finding it, the BIG KAISER website has a link for downloading.

STEP 2 Go to Home Screen of BIG KAISER App On the Home Screen, select "Wireless Connection" from Menu options.

"Wireless Connection"

STEP 3 Wireless Connection Screen A list of all heads turned on and in range of the mobile device will be shown on screen. Each head has a unique serial number to distinguish it from other heads of the same type. Select the text of the boring head type description on the left side of the screen to access the "Adjustment Screen."

Image of boring head opens operating instructions.

Select text to access "Adjustment Screen."

STEP 4 Adjustment Screen

Upon entering the "Adjustment Screen," a warning appears if the measurement units of the App itself do not match the units that the head currently displays. Touch "OK" to continue.

"OK" to continue

STEP 5 Adjustment Screen

Select the ellipsis at the top right of the screen to activate a drop-down menu of choices for the connected boring head. Select "Settings" to access the options that can be changed for the boring head.

Drop-Down to select "Settings"


STEP 6 Boring Head Settings Screen Selecting the bar under "Measure Unit" activates a menu to choose which units the boring head display will show.

Menu to choose units

STEP 7 Boring Head Settings Screen Select "OK" to confirm your choice. Select "Back" at the top left of the screen to get back to the desired function in the App.


"OK" to confirm

BORING HEAD DISPLAY EXAMPLES INCH MODE Displays "in" at top left of display and shows four

constant decimal places and either floating "5" or blank (0) for last digit.

METRIC MODE Displays "mm" at lower left and leading zero plus three decimal places.

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