BIG DAISHOWA High Performance Tooling Solutions Vol 1


CKN CONNECTION: FOR LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH PERFORMANCE TOOLS Based on a 3-screw connection and a male pilot with 3 partial slits, the CKN connection is designed for lightweight and high performance tools. The main components for the program are double connector couplings made of steel and extension tubes made of aluminium. The high performance program for enhanced radial stiffness is entirely made of steel components.

A - A

Double Connector Coupling

Connector with Partial Slits

Extension Tube Aluminium

CKN CONNECTION: THE STRONGEST TOOL CONNECTION FOR LIGHTWEIGHT TOOLS The double connector coupling enables the use of aluminium extension tubes which result in a considerable weight reduction for larger tools. The torque transmission from the aluminium tube to the connector made of steel over three screws guarantees no reduction of cutting performance in comparison to tool combinations made of steel only.

Shank CKB/CKN Compatible

Double Connector Couplings

Extension Tubes Aluminium

CKN CONNECTION: HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAM Tool combinations made of steel components offer the highest bending resistance for heavy duty milling with long tools.

All Components with Recess for the CKB Floating Cross-Bolt

Reduction CKN7 x CKN6

Extension CKN6 x CKN6


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