BIG DAISHOWA High Performance Tooling Solutions Vol 1


A wide range of compact and rigid heads, from milling chuck types to universal types, suitable for all kinds of machining applications.

BUILD-UP & HMC TYPE Overhang is minimized for added rigidity and strength. As a result, the projection length with the cutting tool is shorter, which reduces the overall load on the angle head and improves the unit’s cutting capabilities. Further, the minimized overhang helps

CUTTER HEAD ADJUSTABLE 360° Reference faces are

provided on both sides of all heads for easier setting of cutter directions.

eliminate interference with the ATC (automatic tool changer) and connecting storage pockets in the tool magazine. High Rigidity S-Type, which has a steel housing and a stronger

locating pin assembly, is also available. • ATC may not be utilized for some machining centers.

INNOVATIVE SEALING METHOD The advanced no contact sealing method prevents coolant and particle contamination better than any other sealing method.

Innovative Seals

LONG TYPE ANGLE HEADS Any 50 taper or HSK-A100 size NBS head can be extended


Standard Product

+4" (100mm)

for long reach requirements.

+8" (200mm)

+12" (300mm)


For smooth and powerful operation and to minimize noise and vibration, all angle heads are equipped with hardened and ground chrome-nickel

UNIQUE COOLANT JACKET Jacket allows coolant coming through the stop block to be efficiently directed to the cutting tool edge while simultaneously cooling the ANGLE HEAD.

steel spiral bevel gears, super precision hardened and ground spindles, and high precision angular contact ball bearings.


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