BIG DAISHOWA High Performance Tooling Solutions Vol 1



CUTTER DIAMETER: Ø50, Ø63, Ø80, Ø100, Ø125, Ø160mm HIGH SPEED CUTTER FOR ALUMINUM AND CAST IRON Greatly Improves the Surface Finish in Ultra-High-Speed Machining Achieves Rz = .55μm for die-cast aluminum ADC12 and Rz = .67μm for gray cast iron FC250.

QUICKLY ADJUST THE CUTTING EDGE HEIGHT It has a simple and highly operable mechanism in which the cutting edge height is adjusted after clamping the insert by turning the lifting nut from the side, then directly pushing up the insert with the lifting screw. Since the lifting screw has a fine pitch (.25mm), accurate adjustment is possible. R


Lifting Screw

Lifting Nut

Competitor Product

COMBINES LIGHT WEIGHT AND HIGH RIGIDITY The slim body allows increased rigidity and reduced vibration and deflection. Therefore, height difference of the machined surface is minimized. Also, as it is lighter than other cutters, it can be safely used with a small 30 taper machining center.

DIRECT COOLANT SUPPLY TO THE CUTTING EDGE Use in combination with the Face Mill Arbor Type FMH for coolant delivery directly to the cutting edge. This prevents welding and re-cutting of chips in aluminum workpieces.

APPLICATION ADVICE Not only has the finishing surface roughness been improved, but by correctly aligning the cutting edge height, feed per tooth can also be increased for the same surface roughness, allowing high-efficiency machining. As the insert uniformly touches the workpiece, the life can also be extended.


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