UNILOCK Supplemental Modular Workholding System Vol. 2


UNIFLEX SYSTEM 50 The UNIFLEX SYSTEM has expanded to include ø50mm balls and clamping bases. The UNIFLEX SYSTEM 50 BALL is available in two configurations: a location type with a ø25mm removable locating collar and a grip type which has serrations only. The ball is made from hardened steel like that used in industrial bearings. The base is available in two heights: 110mm or 59mm to the center of the ball. The 110mm base also has the ability to be clamped on top of a SYSTEM 40 knob, allowing it to be used with the standard UNILOCK system chuck. Both bases can be easily toe clamped to standard t-slots or grid plates via their flanges. The bases are designed to support 10 tons each; when clamped at 14 ft-lbs, apply 4500 lbs of clamping force. • Grip type should not be used on finished surfaces


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