BIG KAISER Modular Tooling Solutions

An overview graphic of our modular tooling solutions.


DRILLING Indexable insert drills for ø.630-2.875" in combination with coolant adapters

FACE GROOVING Grooving holders for rough and finish boring heads

DEEPHOLE BORING Modular carbide bars and SMART DAMPER boring heads are available

ROUGH BORING Heavy-duty roughing with twin-cutter boring heads for ø.630-32.677"

GROOVE MILLING Designed for circular milling of internal grooved starting at ø12mm

FINE BORING Precision single-cutter boring heads for ø.590-118"

SLOT MILLING Modular end mill, collet chuck and milling chuck adapters for holding solid and indexable cutters

TAPPING Tapping attachments with and without length compensations

SMALL DIAMETER FINE BORING Statically balanced precision boring heads for high rotational speeds

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