BIG KAISER Product Guide 2018-2019




ø≤3mm • 15+ different standard article numbers • 1,700 different standard micro drills available • Minimum diameter ø.03mm • Standard diametrical tolerances as low as 0/-.004mm • Utilization of modern coatings designed

• ø1.00-20.00mm • Lengths 3-30xd • Utilization of modern coatings suitable for most common and exotic materials • Internal coolant for most sizes • Most geometries can be reground and recoated to decrease cost per hole

specifically for micro tools • Ultra-fine flute surface finish

Quadro Plus • 6xd & 12xd standard flute lengths • Internal coolant for all sizes and lengths • 0º helix angle • Four facet, split-point geometry • Self-centering • Two cutting edges, four guiding edges • Highest performing drill in short chipping aluminum and cast iron • Straight flute design permits highest speeds and feeds by improving chip evacuation • Best achievable size control of H7-H9

Phoenix TC2 • 3xd, 6xd, 9xd, 12xd, 16xd, 20xd and 30xd standard flute lengths • Two margin modified Phoenix point geometry for optimal chip formation • Polished flutes and brushed cutting edges • Internal coolant for all sizes and lengths • AlCrTiN coated for ultimate wear resistance

Micro Tricut Drill Reamer • Ideal tool for drill reaming steels, short chipping stainless steels, titanium and cast iron • ø3mm reinforced shank for all diameters • Three flute geometry allows high feed rates • Excellent self-centering capabilities • Fine flute surface finish for optimal chip flow • Three distinct lands maximize guidance and produce hole tolerances ranging from H7-H9



Deep Hole Drill • 20xd, 40xd, 60xd & 80xd for ø.20/.40-1.50mm • Solid carbide • ø3mm shank for all diameters • External coolant • Innovative AlCrN based coating intended specifically for micro tools

Flat/Radius Tip • ø.02-.15mm • Flat and radius tip • 30º, 40º, 50º, 60º & 90º standard point angles • Single flute design • 0º helix

• ø.10-3.00mm • ø3mm or ø4mm reinforced shank for all dia. • Useful in ISO P, M, K, S, N and O materials (common & exotic) • Standard coated end mills • Standard ball nose end mills • Standard 2-flute and 3-flute geometries • Specials available upon request


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