BIG KAISER Product Guide 2018-2019


How It Works

Easy to Get Started

Starter Kits help save time between part changes. Chucks are pre-mounted to a base plate which functions as a reference edge. With a single part number get all of the required components up and running immediately.

UNILOCK utilizes spring pressure to drive multiple clamping pins against a tapered clamping knob. Air pressure is used to compress the springs to back the clamping pins off of the clamping knob. This clamping process is achieved by bleeding the air pressure out of the chuck. To facilitate palletization, the clamping knob is attached to a base plate, fixture or directly to a workpiece. The result is quick and repeatable clamping. A hand locking version (no air required) is also available.

Working Solutions in Minutes

Table chucks are mounted to base plates and are ready to be clamped to your workstation. These chucks are supported by pre-assembled pallets. Pneumatic kits are available so a working solution can be installed in minutes.

• Clamping mechanism: Heavy-duty die springs • Chuck opening: Air pressure to compress springs • Clamping stability: Low profile with matching taper wedges • Positional accuracy: Adaptable to workpiece conformation • Unlocking air pressure: 75 PSI • Turbo assist clamping

Self-Guiding Design



Build Your Own Custom Solutions

UNILOCK components can be purchased individually for incorporation into your own custom designs.

UNILOCK is designed to accept warped workpieces and fixtures. The shallow clamping pocket allows a clamping knob to enter the chuck at an angle of up to 23 degrees.

The radius on the smaller bottom diameter of the clamping knob addresses out-of- position loading conditions. The knob can be used to help guide the clamping knobs to the center of the chuck.


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