BIG KAISER Product Guide 2018-2019





Multi-axis workholding products are designed to provide flexibility and functionality. These multi-axis workholding solutions locate and stabilize the workpieces without obstructing access to the top and sides of the part. They

ROC ® mineral cast solutions reduce burden and transport weights and have low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to corrosion. The finished composite structure is produced without heat to preserve the integrity of the precision machined surfaces and clamping components.

The round UNILOCK chucks come in diameters from ø90mm to ø196mm (ø3.543" to ø7.716") and body styles to fit a variety of applications. Chucks can be supplied with single notches, multiple notches or bushing holes for timing. Most body forms allow the use of turbo assisted clamping for higher retention forces.

also allow a clamped workpiece to be flipped into new orientations for subsequent machining operations without unclamping it from the workholding.


UNILOCK automation chucks are expanding the role of air pressure beyond that of holding the chuck open during changeovers or assisting the springs in the clamping process. Automation chucks can confirm the presence of a clamping ring/fixture via air pressure monitoring. Air is also used to help clean the locating surfaces.

5-Axis Reduction

Raw Work Material with UNILOCK Knob


5-Axis Extension

UNILOCK rectangular chucks are well suited for mono- chuck applications. Available in several sizes, and when matched to the footprint of the workpiece, they provide maximum access from the remaining five sides. The two narrowest chucks in the UNILOCK family and can be placed very close to the edge of a fixture or workpiece.

First Grip Vise

5-Axis Base

Pallet Clamping Ring

5-Axis Duo Bridge

Clamping Wedge Piston

UNILOCK Automation Chuck

Confirmation Port (x2)

Open Port

Base Plate

Turbo Port

Custom Machine Base

Custom Machine Base




These chucks are sold mounted to a base plate. The base plate provides easy mounting of the chucks to the machine table as well as a pre-plumbed air supply. All bases provide either notches or a ground edge to square the chucks to the machine table.

Provides lateral support for tall parts during machining, welding or assembly processes. Allowing the transfer of loads down to the table or base. • Fine adjustment allows for adjusting the position of parts • Magnetic base option • Five fixed length extensions • Two adjustable length bases



If the part or fixture is warped or needs to be set at an angle, the clamping ball can pivot in any direction. The Uniflex Clamping Base allows for height adjustment and can be combined with the all UNILOCK chucks and 5-Axis components.


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