BIG KAISER Product Guide 2018-2019


Through high precision modular technology, a wide range of selections are available for rough and finish boring — from micro to large diameter. The modular system also includes tooling solutions for O.D. turning, drilling, milling, tapping and grooving.

The modular system allows you to assemble standard items to optimize performance for various requirements. Standard Components for Custom Applications

Chamfering Tool



AVAILABLE IN CV40/45/50, BCV40/50, BT30/40/50, BBT30/40/50, HSK-A25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125, HSK-E25/32/40/50/63, HSK-F63/80M & C5/6/8 Extensions Reductions Shanks

CK/CKB Connections

CK Connection Consists of a cylindrical male pilot and female receptacle. The connection is made by means of a radial locking screw with a 15 degree taper. CKB Connection Derived from the CK connection without loss of all technical and dimensional features or interchangeability and ease of maintenance. The CKB connection is equipped with a floating drive pin which engages on both sides into respective pockets in the mating part.

Perfect Face Contact

CKN Connection



The CKN connection is almost 100% compatible with CKB and is based on a 3-screw connection with double connector steel couplings and aluminium tubes as extensions, allowing the highest torque transmission. By tightening the 3 screws, the slotted male connection expands and gives additional rigidity to the tool connection.

AVAILABLE IN CV40/50, BCV40/50, BT40/50, BBT40/50 & HSK-A63/100

Boring Tool App


Settings Set default language and units of measurement

Tool Tips Reminders pop-up to aid with tool assembly optimization

Tool Overview

Application Data Receive insert recommendation and operating parameters

Enhances user interface while assembling and running our boring tools. The app will help operators determine optimal cutting parameters and provide operating manual information. • Cutting data calculator • Calculator for adjusting tools • Quick access to operating manuals

Get application- specific cutting data


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