UNILOCK Modular Workholding System Vol 4


ERGO 138 — WELDING Four ERGO E600 bases are used to hold welding fixtures, allowing for the quick changeover of fixtures when the production changes from one series of parts to another. There is no need to retouch points between changes as the system repeatability of .005 μm (.0002") is greater then needed in most welding applications.

ERGO 138 — TIMING BLOCK The ERGO E100 base can be modified by the end user to accept a timing block allowing for the timing of smaller fixtures at 45° or 135°. The ERGO E100 V1 and V2 bases offers a 45° timing block mount with no modification. The V1 also has a single 14mm H7 timing notch. In all cases the block ( 15.270.331 ) is sold separately.

ERGO 138 E300 — ROUND, SPECIAL ITEM Special versions of round bases can be built to customer specifications. For assistance, please consult the BIG DAISHOWA Engineering Dept.


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