UNILOCK Modular Workholding System Vol 4


5-AXIS SYSTEM 40 UNILOCK Riser Chucks, Extensions & Reductions

UNILOCK riser chucks have a working diameter of 80mm. They are available on base plates or as stacking modules in heights of 75mm and 100mm. Base plate chucks have Ø12mm dowel pin holes that locate chucks on 40mm and 50mm grid patterns. Base chucks can also have clamping knobs attached for use in other UNILOCK chucks, or the stacking version can be used for elevation and clearance. All chucks open and close quickly with a single hex key. The chucks are all capable of clamping any UNILOCK SYSTEM 40 clamping knob (40mm). By using a riser assembly, workpieces can be clamped 40mm from their edge. Extensions allow the clamping knob to be anchored 25mm from the workpiece edge. Extensions reduce the working diameter from 80mm to 50mm and add an additional elevation of 25mm or 50mm.

SBA Clamping Knob (Not Included with 5-Axis Base)

Clamping Saddle

Clamping Jaw

Clamping Jaw


Differential Screw (6mm Hex Wrench Not Included)


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