BIG DAISHOWA 20 Ways to Save Time in a Machine Shop

Scenario #11:

Are you using steel boring bars to bore holes over 5x diameter? Time-saving solution : Integrated damping systems for boring can perform up to 3x faster than solid tool holders and boring bars. These shorten the distance between the damper and the cutting edge, the source of vibration, so that chatter or vibration is eliminated and cutters can move smoothly through the hole. Our tests have shown that deep holes can be bored with an excellent surface finish and dramatic time savings. For example, with a projection length of 14.3” working with high-carbon steel at a cutting speed of 1,300 SFM, an impressive feed rate of 11.4 IPM was achieved with our EWN41 Smart Damper.

Estimated time savings: 5-10 minutes per hole


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