BIG DAISHOWA 20 Ways to Save Time in a Machine Shop

Scenario #18:

Are you touching off tools in each machine to establish negative tool offsets based on the zero-point surface—the vise, machine table, workpiece, etc.? Time-saving solution : While presetters are fully capable of calculating negative gage lengths, room for error remains if the switch isn’t made to a positive. Adapting machines to a single presetter so they can receive positive gage lengths is superior, however, to using all types of machine-specific negative offsets. This is an opportunity to introduce more standardization to the shop floor, which reduces the burden on operators and saves time. Plus, you can confidently move tools from machine to machine: Simply enter the tool offset into the control and be ready to go. There is no need to touch off the tool again and again. The more machining centers and more consistent the taper styles, the more time that’s saved.

Estimated time savings: 5-10 minutes per tool setup


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