BIG DAISHOWA 20 Ways to Save Time in a Machine Shop

Scenario #3:

Do you use built-in machine tool probes, touch-off devices and lasers? Time-saving solution : When most of these devices are at work, your machine tool isn’t making you money. In-machine measurement tools also often fail to measure runout and/or length, requiring time-intensive test cuts. A presetter can measure both a length and diameter (or wear factor) and allow the operator to correct runout before a tool goes into production, allowing for a good part on the first try. There’s a fairly simple formula calculating just how quickly your new presetter will pay for itself.



Average # of hours per shift on each machine setting, tool lengths and diameters

# of machines presetter will support




# of shifts per day

Spindle value per hour

Price of the presetter

The total of this equation will show you the approximate number of days it will take for your first presetter to pay for itself. Everything after that is added value.

Estimated time savings: 5-10 minutes per tool setup


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