Setup Instructions for Series 112 OD Turning

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS: SERIES 112 OD TURNING OD Turning System for EWN/EWE2-152 Range: ø.040"-1.260" Catalog values for turning ranges with the specified insert holders are based on the turning adapter being positioned along the centerline of the tool assembly. ​ These instructions illustrate the proper technique to assemble and preset the components to maintain this centerline relationship, therefore minimizing the assembly unbalance, and permitting the highest cutting speeds and feed.



Assemble turning adapter in the boring head such that the counterweight is opposite the adjustment dial. This orientation ensures that a canned boring cycle utilizing any ‘offset and retract’ parameters will offset the cutting edge away from the workpiece. ​ IN THIS ASSEMBLY, A POSITIVE DIAL ADJUSTMENT RESULTS IN A SMALLER TURNED DIAMETER ON THE PART.

Leave Space Here​

Fine-Adjustment Dial​

CENTERING THE TURNING ADAPTER When clamping the turning adapter in the boring head, leave space between the turning adapter flange and boring head face. This allows for runout measurement of the turning assembly and access to the clamping bolts for the turning adapter and insert holder.​ Make sure the Tool Carrier Clamping Screw is loosened and use the Fine-Adjustment Dial to move the turning assembly to the center position (little or no runout on turning assembly shank).​

Measure Runout Here​

Fine-Adjustment Dial​

Tool Carrier Clamping Screw​

MOUNTING THE INSERT HOLDER Mount the insert holder onto the turning adapter, lining up the insert cutting edge with the witness line on the turning adapter. Use the Coarse-Adjustment Screw to position the insert tip as close as possible to the desired diameter setting, and then tighten the clamping bolt.​ Adjust the counterweight to a position mirroring the insert holder and re-clamp it to the turning adapter.​

Cutting Edge Parallel to Witness Line

Clamping Bolt (Hex 17)​

Coarse-Adjustment Screw

RE-POSITION THE TURNING ADAPTER Re-position the turning adapter back into the boring head, making sure to leave space between the boring head face and clamping bolts to avoid interference during fine adjustment​ Measure the final size on a tool presetter, or make a test cut. Adjust to final size with the Fine-Adjustment Dial and tighten the Tool-Carrier Clamping Screw. ​

Final size adjustment should result in only minimal offset of turning adapter from center position

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Tool-Carrier Clamping Screw

Fine-Adjustment Dial​

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