30 Years of Boring Milestones


In The News

In Technology - A counterweight is installed in the fine boring head, EWB 41, to automatically compensate for imbalance - DVDs are launched in Japan - The number of users on the Internet exceed 10 million - eBay and Ask Jeeves are started - IBM’s Deep Blue defeats Chess Champion Gary Kasparov for the first time - Nintendo releases their newest gaming system, Nintendo 64

In Music - Spice Girls

In TV - Ally McBeal - The X-Files - Friends In Color - Purple is named the most influential color

- KPT/SPERONI achieves “impossible” accuracy - Steve Larson moves from inside sales to application engineer - A major snowstorm paralyzes the Midwestern United States - Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were in the middle of their second three-peat run as NBA Champions - Pokémon was introduced to the world - The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with six astronauts on board - The Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

- Mariah Carey - Eric Clapton In Movies - Independence Day - Twister - Mission: Impossible

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