30 Years of Boring Milestones


In The News

In Technology - First fine boring head with three insert holders to increase the boring range, EWN 41 - Internet Explorer version 5 released - Y2K and the millennium bug was the most important thing on most company’s minds - Myspace was officially introduced to the Internet

- Napster was released - Bluetooth was launched

In Music - Lenny Kravitz - Sarah McLachlan - Britney Spears In Movies

In TV - The Simpsons - Beverly Hills, 90210 - One Foot in the Grave (UK) In Color - Cerulean was lauded as the color of the new millennium

- EWN released with largest work range of any system, nearly 50% overlap of boring heads, 3 insert holders for each size - Ford acquires Volvo - The human population of the world surpassed six billion - Euro currency introduced on January 1 in 11 countries - Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France - Mattel’s Barbie Doll celebrates its 40th birthday - U.S. women’s soccer team wins the FIFA Women’s World Cup

- Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - The Sixth Sense - Toy Story 2

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