30 Years of Boring Milestones

Product line launches in US; the large dial design eliminates parallax errors. 1990

EWN 41 First fine boring head with three insert holders to increase the boring range. 1999

Lorem ipsum 2006 EWB-UP 41 Ultra-pr cise differential screw permits extra fine diameter adjustments. World’s first fine boring head with resolution of .001mm/Ø.

EWB 41 A counterweight installed in the fine boring head automatically compensates for imbalance. 1996

2016 EWE 41 First fine boring head to be connected to external devices.

2002 EWN 2-50 XL First fine boring head for center and side-mounted insert holders.

2011 EWD 41 Same adjusting mechanism as EWN, but with digital readout display.

2020 EWA 68 First fine boring head to be

adjusted from an external device. Fine boring becomes automatic.




In The News

In Technology - Product line launches in US; the large dial design  eliminates parallax errors - Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server and the foundation for the World Wide Web - The introduction of the first web search engine, Archie - Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 - A 16 megabit chip is shown for the first time - The first in-car satellite navigation system is sold by Pioneer

In Music - Tears For Fears - Janet Jackson - Jon Bon Jovi

In TV - Twin Peaks - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Beverly Hills, 90210 In Color - Lime Green is associated with graffiti, grunge and zen

- KPT Kaiser opens headquarters and distribution center in United States - Record IMTS crowd gets KPT Kaiser off with a running start in US - NASA’s STS-31 mission deploys the Hubble Space Telescope - Encyclopedia Britannica saw its highest all-time sales - The Saturn range of cars is launched by GM - “The Simpsons” premieres on Fox - East and West Germany were reunified - Milli Vanilli’s producer reveals that the duo was lip-synching in the songs that earned them the Grammy award

In Movies - Home Alone - Ghost - Dances with Wolves


In The News

In Technology - A counterweight is installed in the fine boring head, EWB 41, to automatically compensate for imbalance - DVDs are launched in Japan - The number of users on the Internet exceed 10 million - eBay and Ask Jeeves are started - IBM’s Deep Blue defeats Chess Champion Gary Kasparov for the first time - Nintendo releases their newest gaming system, Nintendo 64

In Music - Spice Girls

In TV - Ally McBeal - The X-Files - Friends In Color - Purple is named the most influential color

- KPT/SPERONI achieves “impossible” accuracy - Steve Larson moves from inside sales to application engineer - A major snowstorm paralyzes the Midwestern United States - Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were in the middle of their second three-peat run as NBA Champions - Pokémon was introduced to the world - The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with six astronauts on board - The Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

- Mariah Carey - Eric Clapton In Movies - Independence Day - Twister - Mission: Impossible


In The News

In Technology - First fine boring head with three insert holders to increase the boring range, EWN 41 - Internet Explorer version 5 released - Y2K and the millennium bug was the most important thing on most company’s minds - Myspace was officially introduced to the Internet

- Napster was released - Bluetooth was launched

In Music - Lenny Kravitz - Sarah McLachlan - Britney Spears In Movies

In TV - The Simpsons - Beverly Hills, 90210 - One Foot in the Grave (UK) In Color - Cerulean was lauded as the color of the new millennium

- EWN released with largest work range of any system, nearly 50% overlap of boring heads, 3 insert holders for each size - Ford acquires Volvo - The human population of the world surpassed six billion - Euro currency introduced on January 1 in 11 countries - Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France - Mattel’s Barbie Doll celebrates its 40th birthday - U.S. women’s soccer team wins the FIFA Women’s World Cup

- Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - The Sixth Sense - Toy Story 2


In The News

In Technology - First fine boring head for center-and side-mounted insert holders, EWN 2-50 XL - The Mars Odyssey finds signs of huge ice deposits on the planet Mars - Apple released its second-generation iPod, which held a then-whooping 20 GB of storage space - Sanyo SCP-5300 became the very first cell phone with a built-in camera released in the US

In Music - Michelle Branch - Vanessa Carlton - Good Charlotte In Movies - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Spider-Man

In TV - 24 - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Curb Your Enthusiasm In Color - True Red, can be associated with love, passion and power

- Full Bore kit from KTP Kaiser offers unprecedented versatility - George Bush creates the Department of Homeland Security - The Winter Olympic Games are held in Salt Lake City, Utah, US - Kelly Clarkson wins First American Idol - The FIFA World Cup was hosted by South Korea and Japan, making it the first World Cup to be held in more than one country - Halle Berry became the first black actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress


In The News 108614TSGR:Layout 1 8/7/08 2:42 PM Page 1

In Technology - Ultra-precise differential screw permits extra fine diameter adjustments, EWB-UP 41 - World’s first fine boring head with resolution of .001mm/Ø - Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock - Nintendo releases the Wii gaming console - The one billionth song is purchased from Apple iTunes - Facebook opened to the public - First Tweet was sent


EWB-UP Highest Precision and Performance • Setting accuracy ≤ .00005" • Integrated balancing mechanism

In Music - Mariah Carey - Beyoncé - Ne-Yo In Movies - The Pink Panther

In TV - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Malcolm in the Middle - Survivor In Color - Sand Dollar, a neutral color

- The introduction of a revolutionary finish boring head; the world’s most precise boring head - Integral shank boring heads provide increased performance - New chamfer rings provide additional features - Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks the record held by Babe Ruth and hits his 715th home run - Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter,” was killed by a stingray barb - Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling and founder Kenneth Lay were found guilty of conspiracy and fraud - Pluto is downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet - Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein is executed

that expressed concerns about the 2006 economy

- Big Momma’s House 2 - Underworld: Evolution


In The News

In Technology - EWD digital boring head shows setting accuracy on a built-in digital display - Apple releases the iPhone 4S - Google releases Android Version 4.0 - India makes the Aakash tablet computer that would sell for only $35.00 - The U.S. Department of Defense tests a hypersonic missile that could travel at five times the speed of sound


Boring Tools · Tool Holders · Cutting Tools · Presetting · Workholding · Accessories

Our products perform—and the benefits are evident. That’s why we guarantee the quality of every tool we sell—including the new Kaiser Series 310 EWD precision boring head . Press PLAY for a look at the measurable accuracy advantages of this digital dynamo—and challenge yourself to achieve higher performance levels. PRECISION SHOWS.

Visit www.bigkaiser.com/boring or scan the QR code to watch the video.

kaiser1277-13 Nov_MN_boring.indd 1

9/27/12 3:25 PM

- Digital boring head released with linear movement of the tool carrier in both directions with diameter adjustments of .000005" - The introduction of a new and improved twin cutter boring system; easily switch between balanced and stepped cutting - The introduction the new, large diameter Kaiser 318 Series; a complete tooling system supporting a variety of aluminum and steel components - The Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final mission to the International Space Station - Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies - The world’s first successful synthetic organ transplant - Richard Branson opens the first commercial Spaceport - The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William

In Music - Adele - LMFAO - Katy Perry In Movies - Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 - Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides

In TV - Breaking Bad - Community - Boardwalk Empire In Color

- Honeysuckle it emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor


In The News

In Technology - EWE 41 released, the first fine boring head to be connected to an external device - Samsung discontinues the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after reports of the phone combusting - Yahoo discloses that a data breach in 2013 compromised more than 1 billion user accounts

Material: 4140 Steel Starting Hole: 3" Final Hole: 4"

Cutting Time Comparison

Milling 2" Face Mill, 5 Flute Feed/Tooth: .005"

Rough Boring 4" SW 319, Stepped Cutting Feed/Tooth: .014”

Bore Depth

As hole depth increases, circular interpolating with a milling cutter is a drain on cycle time. The rugged design of the BIG KAISER Series 319 SW twin cutter boring head set for stepped cutting permits extreme stock removal that simply can’t be challenged. Don’t believe us? Test the BIG KAISER 319 SW head in your shop to see the proof. THE FASTEST WAY TO PREP A HOLE FOR FINISH BORING AND WE’LL PROVE IT.

- Apple’s iPhone removes the headphone jack - Facebook live video streaming was launched

Visit BIGKAISER.com/TestUs to request your BIG KAISER 319 SW no-risk trial today.

Visit our booth at the NTMA Fall Conference to see what’s new!


- BIG KAISER introduces their first app - The 319 SW twin cutter boring head set for stepped cutting permits extreme stock removal that simply can’t be challenged - The smart damper anti-vibration tools add another member - For the first time in its history, the Powerball lottery prize surpasses $1 billion - American Idol concludes its 15-season run - The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus officially retires its elephants after a final show - Hamilton wins 11 Tony awards including Best Musical from a record 16 nominations

In Music - Adele - Justin Bieber - Drake In Movies - Captain America: Civil War - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Finding Dory

In TV - Atlanta - Game of Thrones - The People v. O.J. Simpson In Color - Serenity, reflecting connection and wellness, as well as a soothing sense of order and peace


In The News

In Technology - First fine boring head to be adjusted from an external device - U.S. startups Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro stand out in using AI technologies for manufacturing - The rise of 5G networks - Serverless computing allows organizations to create a NoOps (no operations) IT environment that is automated and abstracted from underlying infrastructure - Biometrics—including face, fingerprint, and retina scans— are becoming mainstream methods for verifying identity

- BIG KAISER wins Global Industry Award 2020 with EWA fully automated fine boring tool - BIG KAISER releases two chip breaker inserts for finish boring - BIG KAISER makes donation to National Robotics League - New nuclear designs are promising to make this power source safer and cheaper - Cow-free burgers, both lab-grown and plant-based alternatives, approximate the taste and nutritional value of real meat - The United States federal government shutdown for 35 days, the longest U.S. government shutdown in history - A massive blaze in Paris devastated large parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral

In Music - Billie Eilish - Taylor Swift - Harry Styles In Movies - Bad Boys for Life - Sonic the Hedgehog - The Call of the Wild

In TV - Blue Bloods - This Is Us - Young Sheldon In Color - Classic Blue it offers reassurance, confidence and connection

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